Tall Red Lobelia

Tall Red Lobelia. Hummingbirds love the bright red flowers. An equally delightful species is, lobelia tupa, which produces dark, bright red flowers on tall spikes at the same time.

Lobelia Speciosa 'Vulcan Red' | Perennial Resource
Lobelia Speciosa 'Vulcan Red' | Perennial Resource from www.perennialresource.com

Ingestion may cause severe discomfort. These flowers are most commonly blue or violet in color but can also be seen in shades of white, pink, and red. Propagate by division in spring.

Tender Perennial, With Blue Flowers And A Trailing Habit.

Remove faded flower spikes in the autumn. Developed by plant breeders to stand up better to hot summers. Standing 2 to 3 feet tall and 12 inches wide, the lobelia vulcan red is an improvement over queen victoria.

It Is A Very Tall Species With An Upright Habit And Bears Big Flowers On Spikes.

Scarlet red flowers bloom on dense, upright spikes. It creates a dense mound of deep burgundy foliage with red blooms. What is great blue lobelia?

The Plant Produces Striking Spikes Of Flowers In All Shades Of Red, Pink, Blue, And White.

Here is a complete guide about caring for a lobelia vulcan red plant. Cardinal flowers, edging lobelia, puke weed, vomit weed, asthma weed, and indian tobacco. Scarlet red to blue including pink, white;

Mulch With A Biodegradable Material, Such As Wood Bark Or Chopped Leaves, To Add Humus To The Soil.

Wear gloves and wash hands after handling. Propagate by division in spring. The perennials can grow up to 4 feet in height.

The Perennial Lobelias Have Upright Spikes Of Large Flowers, Not At All Like The More Familiar Trailing Types Grown In Hanging Baskets.

They are terrific plants for the boggy garden, adapting well to ‘wet feet', but growing equally well under average conditions. Combine with yellow, orange or red flowers for bold contrast. Lobelia speciosa, starship deep rose.

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