Cardinal Climber

Cardinal Climber. Their long probiscus allows them to pollinate the flower. It is a twining vine which climbs by twisting its stems or leaf stalks around a support.

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Our slow release plant food or something similiar. Cardinal climber is a hybrid plant, an allotetraploid created by logan sloter of columbus, ohio who crossed (by hand pollination) red morning glory (ipomoea coccinea) and cypress vine (i. Mine grew quite high before it put out flowers.

A Hybrid Invented In 1897 By A Man Named Logan Sloter From Columbus Ohio.

It’s red color, you will immediately notice, is precisely the red that cardinals wear, and it can climb elegantly up a trellis or drape itself beautifully over a wall, or even grow in containers. Cardinal climber loves full sun, and also thrives in partial shade. Mature vines can reach up to 15' tall and around 1' wide.

The Twining Stems Will Grow Quickly Up An Arbor, Trellis, Or Fence.

The flowers open during the day and close at night. Seeds treated this way should germination in a week or two. These seedlings did not have the familiar lacy foliage and they grew more slowly than the cypress vine.

Their Long Probiscus Allows Them To Pollinate The Flower.

Particularly vigorous and fast growing, cardinal climber is perfect to hide an unforgiving fence, climb a wall or scramble through arbors and trellises. Give it room to grow and watch it head for the sky! I was skeptical about these new seedlings being red cypress vine, but allowed them to grow any way — just to.

And, It Was Never Covered In Flowers Like On The Picture Of The Seed.

The cardinal climber is a glorious plant to behold, and it truly is what it says it is. Some varieties will grow up to 30 feet! Quamoclit (cypress vine) and i.

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Cardinal Climber Is A Hybrid Plant, An Allotetraploid Created By Logan Sloter Of Columbus, Ohio Who Crossed (By Hand Pollination) Red Morning Glory (Ipomoea Coccinea) And Cypress Vine (I.

Use this guide on “how to grow cardinal climber flowers” and you will be doubly rewarded. The vines grow to 10 feet in length so they require some kind of support. The meaning of cardinal climber is an annual vine (quamoclit sloteri) resembling the cypress vine.

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